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Yossi Fraenkel

Keith and Laraine

Another new year... A new look... a  great new sound....

A New CD is available now too.....
Call us an orchestra, call us a wedding band, call us a Chabad band, call us a Mizrahi us anything you want...

you can even call us in the UK @ +44 (0) 7595 863 066! or email us @

 We have been performing for over 8 years at various weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Sheva Brachot, corporate events, galas, and private parties throughout the world. We are a high-energy band consisting of a one man band to 50 piece orchestra plus a singer enabling us to play any style of music with authenticity, and have the ability to keep the dance floor packed at all times!

From the great stages of New York, London and Israel, Yossi Fraenkel has become an international superstar.

Mr. Fraenkel will very shortly start working on his debut solo album of his father Gershon Fraenkel's music. Though Mr. Fraenkel has performed with orchestras throughout the world, he has never forgotten his roots. He continues to perform traditional chassidic and yiddish music to audiences all over the world. To sum up the talents of Mr. Fraenkel, we quote "Mr. Fraenkel displays a talent that resists confinement and is an explosion of religious faith."

For over eight years I have had the merit to enhance the joy at many weddings throughout the spectrum of the community, Chassidic, Litvish, Ashkenazi and Sephardi. You may have seen me at at least one of these weddings standing on the stage singing and seeing to it that I bring joy and harmony to the bride and groom, their parents, their family and you, the guests.

Let me lead you for one moment into the depth of my heart to share with you a little secret. Each time before I go on stage I utter this short and heartfelt prayer.

"ריבון העולמים אתה שיושב ומכריז בת מי למי, אתה זה שאמרת והיה העולם, אתה זה שהמשלת את כנסת ישראל לכלתך, עמוד לצידם של בני הזוג שעומדים בשעות הקרובות לבנות את ביתם, תן להם את הכוח והכלים לבנותו איתן, השכן בביתם אהבה אחווה שלום, ורעות, מלה את משאלות ליבם לטובה, וההורים שבמשך שנים כה רבות גידלו אתת ילדיהם, השקיעו בהם את כל אשר להם, תן להם מלוא חופניים נחת, שיזכו לראות עוד חוליה בשרשרת הדורות, אמן"

"Master of the Universe You who declares that the daughter of such and such will marry such and such, You who spoke and the world came into being, You who acquire the people of Israel as Your bride stand behind this young couple who are about to build their home, give them the strength and the vessels with which to build it, establish in their home love, togetherness, peace and friendship, fulfill the desires of their hearts with goodness and their parents who over many years raised their children and invested in them everything that they have, give them full measure of nachas so that they should merit another link in the chain of generations. Amen."

I am sure that in the next wedding that you will hear me perform you will join the prayer of my heart and enjoy the music.

Our musicians hail from various places in the world. Israel, England, New York and in between. Many have performed with major acts worldwide.

The group is led by Yossi Fraenkel (vocalist, sales and party planning).

The main goal of this band is to make you get out of your seats and dance. And you will.

We can expand or subtract as needed for the party requirements.**

 We do not need 8 extra singers to make a party happen, we can do it with 6, 7 8 pieces..there is the measure of true talent....keep it real..



We are not an agency, only one band.
It makes a difference!

"Where Your Simcha is Our Simcha!!!"