The Yossi Fraenkel Orchestra & Singers


Songs We Play

While many like to hear the traditional in wedding music, Our belief is that it is O.K. to take chances! Not every wedding party is the same, and everyone has a different musical taste.

We try to mix it up and play various styles, everything from the oldies to the new.

We really strive to tailor the music for your event to your particular favorites, while keeping a close eye on what the crowd responds to.

If you don't see a particular song on our list, just ask, we will probably know it or would be willing to learn it!

The list is divided into several categories:

Dance music includes all types of Fast music It also includes The latese in Chassidic and Mizrahi music which generally means anything current.

There is also Shmorg, all music played at a Shmorg.

Marches, Swing and Jazz features some of the greatest Jewish music ever written.

Don't forget the Ballads and Dinner music, some are perfect just for listening while eating...